Our products are entirely made by hand. We are fascinated with traditional crafts and appreciate the work of human hands. We watch over every moment of the process when developing our one-of-a-kind products. We work with a team of highly experienced people who love what they do. We are knowledgeable in what we do and are aware we do it well – our imagination is limitless. Nature is beautiful in itself. The more we emphasize the characteristics, the more it fascinates us and brings us closer to understanding our planet. Misoui wants to create a 100% authentic product therefore; we work with best quality materials. The ingredients used in the process for its preparation are plant based. The leather is rubbed with natural oils to retain its color and elasticity. Staining is performed by means of components that are also of plant origin, which is collected in various parts of the world.  We do not rush this process because we strive for perfection. All this adds up to the final appearance of the leather and its beautiful and distinctive smell. Vegetable tanned leather wear over time and acquire more visual value as time goes on. Minor imperfections and creases confirm its authenticity.  We search high and low for these finishing details without compromise in order to see the joy on our customer’s faces when they wear and use our products.

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